Hello everyone, Xion Mun here! I thank you everyone for creating a year worth of memories and friendships I've made here on this blog. Xion has been a difficult character from me /socially/ and I've lost all motivation and happiness to keep pursing Xion. Honestly, I've been having a hard time to keep up with her and I'm very irksome about the kh/ff fandom and trust me, it doesn't concern any of my followers or anyone from final fantasy paradise!

This is not a goodbye as I will be returning very, very soon! I'm not sure what my plan is going to be though. Shall I return AU, perhaps? Or play within different verses? Who knows. I plan to be coming back in late August or early September!

The main reason why I wasn't here so long was because of outside stress and my laptop broke so I was not able to fully roleplay. I got my computer back around July and decided that it was good to have my year long break away from roleplaying!

Feel free to leave me any messages through my personal or ask about my Skype. Also, thank you to my lovely followers and friends who keep encouraging me from a distance and continuing to follow me, I really do appreciate it so much and I look foward to reuniting with you guys once again!